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Balance by Ken Hutchins Ebook

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 For many years Ken Hutchins has wanted to write a book on balance and balance programs. Although he has covered this topic in several of his other books, until now he has not produced a book exclusively dedicated to this subject.

Two of Ken’s mentors—the late Arthur Jones and Ellington Darden, PhD—have been outspoken critics of tasks, exercises, programs, or regimens devoted to generalized balance improvement. Their stance largely comes from the doctoral studies in motor learning performed by Ellington.

It is amazing to Ken that the interest in motor learning is waning while the interest in balance programs is exploding among the infirm, the athletes, the fitness clubs and the physical therapists. Apparently, the practitioners do not desire to be informed about their cash cow.

Topics Covered

  • Why "Balance Programs" are Foolish and Dangerous
  • How Your Doctor and Your Physical Therapist Became So Misinformed Regarding Balance Remedies
  • Safe and Simple Strengthening Programs with Minimum Equipment
  • Ignored and Forgotten Balance Research
  • Medical Causes of Imbalance
  • The Functional Ability Argument
  • Balance Remedies to Avoid
  • Injury Prevention
  • How to Restore and to Preserve Your Balance
  • How Great Athletes Train for Superior Balance

138 pages


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