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The History of the Design and Function of the Vintage Nautilus Compound Position Biceps Machine By Ken Hutchins Ebook

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Did you ever dream of the most ideal biceps machine? Well here is the story of the machine reputed to provide the best results for the biggest bodybuilders to ever live.

The Compound Position Biceps (CPB) Machine was the brainchild of Nautilus mastermind and founder, Arthur Jones. It was one of his—if not his foremost—pet projects. And hundreds of them sold in the early 1970s for thousands of dollars each to big names you would recognize.

Did the CPB actually generate big arms? Was it the ultimate in exercise technology for the biceps? Did it serve the mystique and allure of the Nautilus Cam? Was it just another Spruce Goose a la Howard Hughes—one of Arthur’s heroes?

In this 82-page treatise, SuperSlow® founder, Ken Hutchins, explains the science—or lack thereof—about the machine he sought for years to have for himself. Enjoy a story about what some would call the Holy Grail of big arms.

Topics Covered

  • How the biceps work
  • How a barbell can provide an almost perfect resistance curve
  • Why the Compound Position Biceps is a bad idea
  • How MedX® adopted design ideas from incorrect Nautilus designs for the Compound Position Triceps
  • Arthur Jones was incorrect about the EZ Curl Bar
  • How Nautilus true believers are inconsistent with active and passive insufficiency when analyzing the Compound Position Biceps and Compound Position Triceps and the Leg Extension and Leg Curl machines

82 pages


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