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Critical Factors for Practice and Conditioning by Ken Hutchins Ebook

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NOTE: If you have already purchased Music and Dance this book covers the same information, presented for a more general readership.

Critical Factors for Practiced and Conditioning is about increasing functional ability—mostly muscular strength—for any human, including how to safely and effectively exercise and how to practice any physical skill productively.

Since the mid-1970s, Ken has been developing the materials in Critical Factors as a tool to protect you and your influences from the common gibberish that rules exercise circles.  So arm yourself and learn the history of how things became so incredibly crass.

In Critical Factors, Ken graphically explains inroad so that it is easily grasped and re-
explained to anyone. Inroad is the fundamental process of exercise and must be
understood before other discussions, debates, and theories of exercise can be explored.

Topics Covered

  • Special Chapters on Skill Training
  • The Most Efficient Practice Approaches
  • Daniel Coyle's Fallacies
  • The Functional Ability Argument
  • Achieving Maximum Cardiac Perfusion
  • The Lurid History of Exercise Physiology
  • Genetic Factors and Limitations
  • Injury Prevention
  • The Myth of Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Distinctive Language in Music Pedagogy
  • Strength and Endurance for Top Performance
  • Exercise Programs with Minimum Equipment
  • Things That All Great Athletes and Coaches Should Know, but Don't

470 pages


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"Essential reading for every serious trainer, coach, and athlete." —Drew Baye