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Heart Strong by Ken Hutchins Ebook

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This new book chronicles the elusive explanation of exercise-induced headache (EIH) to reveal a major connection between SuperSlow Protocol and Timed Static Contraction exercise and superior cardiac perfusion that is not supplied by steady-state activities. It also includes a detailed explanation how to resolve the EIH that will—in some cases—save an exercise instruction business from losing clients who incur this nuisance. In addition to EIH relief, the same technique—occipital squeeze technique—can be generally useful with migraines and tension headaches as well. 

Topics Covered

• Achieving Maximum Cardiac Perfusion
• How Cardiology Fails Us
• The Ignored Enlightenment
• The Grammatical Miscarriage That Fosters Cardio
• Stroke Volume versus Heart Rate Elevation
• Exercise-Induced Headache: The Secret Key to Health
• Managing Exercise-Induced Headache
• The Sub-Occipital Squeeze Technique
• Heart Rate Elevation—In And Of Itself—Is Worthless
• Dr. Doug McGuff’s Discovery That Rocks Cardiology


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"Everyone with a serious interest in exercise and cardiovascular health and fitness should read Heart Strong and if you are a personal trainer or physical therapist you need to read it." —Drew Baye