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Hip: Advanced Techniques for Rehab by Ken Hutchins and Brenda Hutchins Ebook

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This is a detailed accounting of the rehab for Brenda’s fractured hip and the subsequent rehab performed by Ken for her hip replacement. These pages arm you with protective information to achieve the best outcome for hip replacement as well as exercises for various kinds of hip, femur, and pelvic issues, including urinary incontinence.

Topics Covered

• The Best Rehabilitation for Hip Replacement Surgery
• Solving Weakness About the Pelvis
• Solutions for Urinary Incontinence
• The Best Approach to Pelvis Fracture
• Why Physical Therapists and Surgeons are Clueless About Rehabilitative Exercise
• Simple, Safe, and Productive Exercises for the Hip Musculatures
• Managing Mobility
• Recommendations You Must Heed From Your Physical Therapist and Surgeon
• Recommendations You Must Avoid from Your Physical Therapist and Surgeon

85 pages, 34 Graphics (pictures, anatomical drawings, diagrams)


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