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Leg Press: Its History and Development by Ken Hutchins and Gus Diamantopoulos Ebook

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This is the most comprehensive treatise ever published on the leg press exercise and the evolution of the Leg Press machine on which to perform it. Ken first takes you through its lineage from the barbell squat, through the Universal Gym® and Nautilus® and MedX® eras to the SuperSlow Systems and RenEx heydays to show you every advantage and disadvantage of varying ideas along the progression of Leg Press design.

Then Ken and Gus provide commonly unacknowledged caveats as well as exquisite detail of how to perform the leg press exercise with scripts of the exact verbiage for an instructor to deliver this information to a workout subject. Not only is this provided for the dynamic performance mode, but also for static (TSC) mode with or without feedback.

They proceed to provide equally detailed information for the squat and heel raise as performed on the ideal Leg Press machines. They include explanation of the Leg Press triad, hip ABduction and Adduction, then reveal how to perform these exercises with virtually no equipment at all with advice and caveats that are not heretofore observed and articulated.

You will conclude your journey with exploring a novel exercise that Ken unexpectedly developed for hip replacement therapy. Share with us the great adventure of arguably the most important exercise machine ever developed.

    199 pages, Over 140 Graphics (pictures, anatomical drawings, diagrams)


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