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SuperSlow Exercise Guild Newsletters Vol 2 by Ken Hutchins Ebook

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Ken is now republishing copies of the Guild newsletters that he compiled from 1993 to 2004. Each volume will contain a year’s worth of quarterly newsletters with convention minutes, announcements, contact lists, etc. omitted in preference for technical information.

Many of the present readership were not around during the time these informative writings were produced, so now everyone can read Ken’s thinking of 15 years ago and compare it to his writings available today in his books and articles.

Note: Ken warns that this republished volume is missing the entire first issue. This first issue was consumed with what Ken called The Walking Article. For this issue it had been expanded from a treatise on walking Ken wrote for the lead investigator of the Nautilus Osteoporosis Project. After the newsletter expansion he expanded it again for the book, Walk, now available on Drew Baye’s Shopify store. Hence, this republished volume commences with Issue 2 of that Volume and year.

Although this republished Volume 2 is missing the first issue, the content still exceeds all of the republished Volume 1.

Issues Included

  • Expose' on Physical Therapy
  • SuperSlow and Osteoporosis Research
  • Bashing Aerobics Philosophy

184 pages