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Subprotocols for 1975-1986 Vintage Nautilus Machines by Ken Hutchins Ebook

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This is the complete, unabridged collection of instructionals for the Nautilus machines of the Nautilus heyday. Subprotocol is the term denoting the exact instructions for performing a given exercise applying the SuperSlow protocol. Each instructional is a subset of the general protocol, SuperSlow, hence the specific subprotocol.

Unless associated with Ken Hutchins during the late 1980s and 1990s, Nautilus and MedX customers never received detailed instructions for product use. It was not available from either company for their exercise lines of equipment.

During the early 1980s, the late Joe Mullin valiantly endeavored to produce detailed instructional videos under the auspices the now-defunct Nautilus Video Network. After producing over 200 videos, they flopped. The information was little more than what most owners and fitness instructors already knew. It did not elevate understanding that effected professional expertise.

In early 1986, when Ken returned to Nautilus headquarters in Lake Helen, Florida after his three-year stint at the Nautilus Osteoporosis Study, he was put in an upstairs office away from most of the hectic business of the company. This provided him the privacy to focus and write over 20 videos scripts of precision information. Unaware that Ken had been writing these, Ellington Darden read their finished versions and staunchly stated that these scripts were what the video arm of the company should have been taping instead of what was done with Joe.

But the scripts were lost on Nautilus. Arthur Jones sold the company, fired Ken since Arthur could no longer find use for him, and the new owners, although they rehired Ken for performing resistance curve derivations, were uninterested in video. Later, Ken left Nautilus and repurposed the scripts into “Condensed Subprotocols.”

The were deemed condensed by Ken as each machine subprotocol was formatted in small print to fit on a single sheet (front and back) of standard paper. In this way, customers could purchase all of them or just those that they needed for the Nautilus machines that they owned. Condensed also indicated that they included no pictures. Nevertheless they were exceedingly comprehensive for the time.

The present collection is not condensed. It includes the pictures Ken always wanted to as well as subprotocols for a few exercises not in the original video scripts. Much is expanded and edited for accuracy with updated commentary by Ken where appropriate.

By studying this material, Ken hopes that those who still have these vintage machines can improve their usage as well as glean insights to improve the equipment. Some of his following have expressed the desire for this collection to enhance their understanding for building purely static equipment. This collection is the bridge to Time Static Contraction exercise (TSC) and Feedback Statics (FS) and provides voluminous justifications to simplify both instruction and execution by avoid dynamics. It is ironic that at the time Ken originated this collection, he saw no use for static exercise.   

232 pages, about 216 pages of raw information (not including title pages, table of contents, preface, acknowledgements, biographical sketch, etc.)

Over 170 photographs…several photographic analyses.   

Topics Covered

• 23 Rare Nautilus and MedX Machine Instructionals
• Detail Unavailable from Nautilus or MedX
• The First Instructionals Used for SuperSlow Certification
• Expanded in 1992 from Enhanced Video Scripts Written by Ken Hutchins
• Over 125 Pictures
• Learn Heightened Subtleties of Instruction
• Appreciate Nuances of Dynamic Exercise Justifying Static Approaches.
• Ideas for Improved Equipment Design

85 pages, 34 Graphics (pictures, anatomical drawings, diagrams)


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