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Walk: Walking Programs, Why Physicians Recommend Them as Exercise, by Ken Hutchins Ebook

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Walk arises from Ken’s seminal article on walking—first written when he was assigned to the Nautilus Osteoporosis Program. In its expanded book form of 114 pages, Ken explores the medical community’s fetish with telling their patients to walk and explains why it is not exercise or necessarily “better than doing nothing.” Walk also emphasizes the facts that doctors are grossly ignorant about exercise and that they must learn inroad principles before they discuss the subject. Includes many photos from the research program.

Topics Covered

• Why Physicians Recommend Walking Programs as Exercise
 Why Walking Programs Are Not Exercise
 Why Walking Programs Might Be Valuable
 How Walking Programs Serve to Mislead Patients
 How Walking Programs Can Be Dangerous
 How Walking Programs Compromise Issues Like Balance And Osteoporosis

115 pages


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"Walk, like all of Hutchins' books, should be considered required reading for everyone with an interest in exercise." —Drew Baye