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Classic High Intensity Training eBook Bundle

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This bundle contains everything you need to maximize your fitness, health, and physique safely and efficiently with high intensity training:

  • High Intensity Workouts: 100 HIT Workouts and Guidelines for Performance
  • Getting Ripped: A Short Guide to Training and Eating to Maximize Fat Loss While Maintaining or Gaining Muscle 
  • High Intensity: The Annotated, Uncensored, Post Workout Delirium Induced Ramblings

High Intensity Workouts was written in response to the large number of requests I receive for HIT workouts and routines. It contains one hundred workouts, including full-body workouts, split routines, body-part specialization workouts, consolidation workouts, along with detailed guidelines for performance.

This expanded second edition contains several additional chapters covering determining your optimal repetition range for different muscle groups and guidelines for advanced high intensity training methods and techniques including forced reps, hyper, forced negatives, drop sets, negative-only, negative-accentuated, static holds, and timed static contractions. 

Getting Ripped is a short guide detailing the workouts and diet I used to reduce my body fat percentage to the low single digits in only eight weeks with brief, infrequent high intensity training and no “cardio.” 

The guide includes updated training and nutrition guidelines including how to calculate your calorie and macronutrient intakes to lose fat as fast as possible while maintaining or even gaining muscle, how to calculate how long it will take you to reach your target bodyfat percentage, and how to use these numbers to develop a meal plan. A printable worksheet with these formulas is also included.

High Intensity: The Annotated, Uncensored, Post Workout Delirium Induced Ramblings is a collection of post-workout essays I wrote in the late 1990s covering a variety of bodybuilding, fat loss, health and performance related topics, along with over thirty pages of annotations (169 pages total) which provide additional background information, current perspectives, and recommendations for exercise performance, dieting, workout design, and more.

Feedback from readers:

"Great book, Drew! What an awesome mix of insights about, well, pretty much everything relating to health and fitness. It's also really valuable for the reader to get your current opinions on the articles with the benefit of hindsight. A very impressive compilation of articles; I can't imagine anyone reading it without receiving something of benefit that they can put to use in their own lives today."

- Jim Keen

“Great book, great workouts! I’m a little hesitant with ebooks, because most of the ones I’ve ordered are a total ripoff (little content, way over-priced). This one is by far the best I’ve seen. These workouts will keep my training fresh for many many months/years. Thanks!”

– Brian

“Got the e-book and upon first glance Drew, it looks fantastic. I doubt too many people will appreciate what they received. They will only see the routines and hopefully will be thankful and apply them successfully. I see the years of reading and research that had to precede the compilation of those routines and for that I am thankful.”

– Bryan Frederick

“I would definitely give “High Intensity Workouts” a thumbs up. Inexperienced lifters will find this book to be an informative roadmap for their training, and experienced lifters can use it as checklist or motivation.”

– Jim Mardis