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Bodyweight High Intensity Training eBook Bundle

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This bundle contains everything you need to maximize your fitness, health, and physique safely and efficiently with only your bodyweight:

  • Project Kratos: Bodyweight High Intensity Training
  • Timed Static Contraction Training: A Guide to Minimalist High Intensity Isometrics
  • Project Kratos Bodyweight HIT and Timed Static Contraction Training 2019 Update

Project Kratos—named for the Greek god of strength and power—is a bodyweight high intensity training program designed to maximize full-body strength, conditioning, and body composition, safely, efficiently, and with little or no equipment. Includes dynamic and static high intensity training protocols and practical, efficient scaling and progression system for accommodating trainees of all strength levels, full-body, body-part specialization, and metabolic conditioning workouts, and provides detailed instructions with photos for the performance of dozens of bodyweight exercises for all major muscle groups.

Timed Static Contraction Training teaches you how to perform a full-body workout using the safest and most effective isometric high intensity training method and nothing but length of heavy-duty furniture moving or towing strap. The guide includes a detailed explanation of the protocol and the set-up and performance of each exercise and answers to the most common questions about static exercise.

The Project Kratos Bodyweight HIT and TSC Training 2019 Update introduces numerous improvements and refinements to the protocols, resistance scaling and progression systems, and exercise performance guidelines (sub-protocols), making the best bodyweight and minimalist static exercise programs even better.


"I have never trained consistently with weight or machines, but have done a lot of different bodyweight programs.

The only one I got noticeable results from is Drew's."

— Roberto Fernández

"I’ve had issues for years with thoracic spine tightness and discomfort from injuries sustained in martial arts and also from doing “stupid” training. The TSC neck and now this newly added spinal protocol has my back feeling young and spry. It’s like medicine! Thanks Drew" 

— Steve Maxwell, black belt senior world and Pan American jiu jitsu champion

"Today I did my first workout utilizing your protocol. In the past my (bodyweight) squats were ineffective unless performed unilaterally. Today...I can barely walk. Very huge difference. This one exercise alone made it worthwhile to purchase your books."

— Rick Cohen

"I would call this a definitive work on bodyweight exercise. I will be recommending this to my primary care physician for all his patients to implement a proper exercise program for health and fitness. I think this is the best progression system for bodyweight exercise I have investigated. I hope to start consulting and training seniors with this format and protocol. This a perfect adjunct to Ken Hutchins' SuperStatic protocol."

— Greg Joannides