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Shoulder Rehab: My Personal Quest to Avoid Shoulder Replacement Surgery by Ken Hutchins Ebook

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In December 2021, Ken published The Renaissance of Exercise—Volume 2 (ROE-2). In this 546-page book, he included a chapter on shoulder rehab. This book is exactly the same material as in that chapter from ROE-2. Ken broke out this chapter for those who needed just the shoulder material, although many will want and need the complete ROE-2 for many reasons, not the least being the Linear Spine chapter that details the most successful way to relieve almost all back issues.

In Shoulder Rehab, Ken details his struggle to negotiate the confusing path through the advice of orthopedic surgeons. As Ken has three friends who are retired or deceased orthopedic surgeons—one of whom he worked with, one of whom he worked for, and one of whom was a client—and six friends who are internal medicine specialists—two of whom are also physical medicine specialists who focus on regenerative medicine, Ken has access to inside information revealing the actual prospect of having a good outcome from the shoulder replacement surgery his official orthopedists are pushing him toward. The prospect of a good outcome is poor as almost all shoulder surgery has a poor prospect.

In the midst of his personal dilemma, Ken was rereading, Shoulder Pain by John M. Kirsch, MD and began to apply Kirsch’s traction idea in earnest to himself. In Shoulder Rehab Ken dissects Shoulder Pain and strongly recommends its traction therapy and marries the Kirsch idea with Time Static Contraction (TSC) exercise and Feedback Statics (FS). As Ken agrees, Kirsch asserts that his inexpensive, low-tech, widely available traction idea should obviate more than 90% of all shoulder surgeries. Then Ken asserts that Kirsch’s success rate can be higher with TSC and FS exercise.

Ken has long wanted to write a book about shoulder rehab and he feared he would never  get around to it. His personal plight has now forced its fruition.    

If you dismiss the 12 or so pages of title, preface, acknowledgements, and biographical sketch of author, there are 79 pages of information-packed words and graphics.

Shoulder Rehab: 93 pages, 86 pictures.

Topics Covered

  • The Best Shoulder Rehab
  • Better Success Than a Surgeon and Physical Therapists
  • A Review of Dr. John Kirsch's Miraculous Book about Hanging Traction for the Shoulder
  • Avoid Being Railroaded Into Unnecessary Surgery
  • Relieve Pain
  • Regain Function
  • Sleep Better
  • How to Succeed With the Most Advanced and the Crudest Equipment
  • Study This Book and Run as Fast as Possible From the Quacks Who 
    Want to Cut Out Your Parts!


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