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Timed Static Contraction Training ebook

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In Timed Static Contraction Training I teach you how to perform a full-body workout using the safest and most effective isometric high intensity training method and nothing but length of heavy-duty tie-down or towing strap. The guide includes a detailed explanation of the protocol and the set-up and performance of each exercise, along with information on:

  • Overcoming vs Yielding Isometrics
  • TSC vs Traditional Isometrics
  • Disadvantages and Solutions
  • Detailed TSC Performance Guidelines and Safety Considerations
  • Strength Transfer
  • Performing TSC with Machines and  Free Weights
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Conditioning
  • Flexibility and How to Stretch
  • Reactionary Force and Stabilizer Involvement in TSC
  • Pre-Exhaustion with TSC
  • TSC and Static Hold Hybrids (TSC/H)
  • Isometrics and Explosive Power

This book is included with Project Kratos Bodyweight High Intensity Training and the Project Kratos Bodyweight HIT and TSC Training 2019 Update in the Bodyweight High Intensity Training ebook Bundle

Feedback From Readers

"I've been thin all of my life with short bouts of muscle growth here and there but nothing has stuck better or worked more than your TSC protocols...

While I do not have the genetics for huge muscles, I am noticeably stronger and ripped to shreds. I will be working on my forearms so they can reach their potential (something I've long neglected).

I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks for your system and will let other people know about it."

—Andrew O.